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Lena's Baptism
Tue, Jan 5th, 10

ena got baptized on January 2nd, 2010. Both Grandmas and Grandpas were here and Jenisse too! It was such a special day and very emotional, we could feel the spirit very strong and it was hard not to cry. Jenisse gave a talk on Baptism and did such a good job, she is a good speaker. Gma Robinson played the piano for us and it was so pretty. Corey have a beautiful confirmation. Lena had her best friend Brittynn there and her primary teachers also. We had our friends and family come back to the house after, where we had a yummy lunch of salad, chips & Salsa, and croissant sandwiches, & other munchies! I wish everyone could've been there, I hope that we will always remember this day.

Primary Program
Wed, Sep 16th, 09

ena and Joshua did great on their Primary Program. This was Joshua's first time, he had to say how he knew that his family loved him. So he said, "I know my family loves me, cause they read books to me." And Lena had a give a short testimony about the Holy Ghost. So she said, "I know when I am baptized, I will get the Holy Ghost. If I need help, I know the Holy Ghost will help me."

Alaska Cruise
Tue, Jun 16th, 09

e just got back from our Alaska Cruise. We went for our Tenth Anniversary. It was so much fun and I can't wait for our 15th Anniversary for another cruise!

Tue, Dec 30th, 08

his was our first Christmas in Colorado and we had a fun time. I just wish that it would've snowed, Lena was really hoping for a white Christmas.

Tue, Sep 16th, 08

orey pointed out that I haven't written any updates on this.
We made it to Colorado Springs! We are all moved and basically settled in. We like it a lot here and Lena LOVES her school and teacher and has lots of friends.
We still haven't rented out our home in Fort Walton, so if you know anyone moving there, let us know if they need a place to rent!!!

St. Augustine, Florida
Thu, Apr 3rd, 08

e took a trip to St. Augustine, FL. over our Spring break. We went Monday to Wednesday and got to see a really neat little town. St. Augustine is the oldest city in the United States. Ponce de Leon landed there April 3, 1513, in search of the Fountain of Youth.
We walked the whole day on Tuesday, Corey figure out we walked over 12 miles! My legs still hurt!

Fri, Mar 28th, 08

e got our new assignment to Colorado Springs, Colorado! We are excited to be closer to everyone we love. Our date to report there is Aug. 30th, but we'll head up earlier than that, so Lena can start school.

Sat, Jan 12th, 08

ecember is always a huge month for us, with 2 birthdays and Christmas and vacation! We started out going on a Temple trip, where we celebrated Corey's birthday with some Cheesecake Factory take-out in the car! Corey always dreads taking Joshua into the restaurant, cause he's so bad! Thanks Penny and Blaine for the gift certificate!
Then we celebrated Lena's birthday, with a Build A Bear party, the home style edition! It was her first ever birthday party with just friends, not a family one. She was in heaven and got lots of fun toys and enjoyed all the attention. The girls loved making bears, thanks to Jami Richardson for giving me the idea, since a real Build A Bear party was going to be way too expensive!
Then we hoped on 3 airplanes for our Christmas vacation in Utah! What fun, the kids LOVED it. You should have seen Joshua first encounter with snow. He walked up to it and looked at it and put out his finger to touch it and then looked at me with a HUGE smile. When we took the kids sledding two times, we got a tantrum from Joshua cause he didn't want to leave, both Lena and Joshua love to sled.
On Sunday night we had a Newman party, it was fun to see all the Jorgensen's, except Gina and Lisa, boo hoo.
Then Christmas Eve we had a Swedish style Christmas at the Robinson's. Then Christmas Day was at my mom's with all the cousins. Lena loved playing and sleeping with Angel, who isn't baby Angel anymore, she is a big girl now! Then we had a Decker party where I got to see all the Decker relatives and that was fun.
Lots of visiting and shopping and eating and having a good time. On our plane ride home, Lena cried. It reminded me of when we flew home after Newport from being at Sara and Wade's so long, Lena cried the whole time also, she gets very attached to family and hates to leave them.

Tue, Dec 11th, 07

e had big plans for Thanksgiving this year, well, not BIG, but plans anyway. We were going to enjoy our dinner and put up Christmas, which we did, but then the next day, Friday, we were going to go explore the Florida Caverns! Then Lena woke up in the middle of the night screaming about a fire outside and there wasn't a fire, but she was burning up with a fever, poor thing. So the whole day Friday we stayed in and watched shows while she stayed put on the couch sick. Corey pointed out that she has done this to us like 3 other times as well, when we make big plans and head out the door, she gets sick and we have to stay in! That little stinker... Well, she is doing much better now, so we'll just have to explore the caverns on another date.

Fri, Nov 23rd, 07

his month went fast, actually all these fall months are going fast! We celebrated Joshua's 2nd birthday. He didn't eat his cake of course.

We had a fun trunk or treat at the church and Halloween.

And of course, I got to go to New York with out kids, with all the ladies! So fun, a trip to always remember.

Wed, Oct 17th, 07

eptember was a HOT month, it felt like August still. We started it off with a fun Temple Trip to the Burmingham Temple.

Lena started riding the bus and is enjoying it. She is loving school more each day.

Joshua went to Colby's birthday party at the Firehouse, he enjoyed that. He has been playing a lot with Colby and is good friends with him now.

Corey and I went to an Air Force ball and I got to meet a lot of his co-workers. We danced a lot and now everyone wants Corey at their Christmas party to dance it up!

In primary we had our Primary Program and it turned out really well. Lena had her part memorized, she was one of the only ones to do that. We had all the kids write their own parts and it turned out really great.

Sun, Sep 9th, 07

t wasn't Teddy Rumpskin he got to take home, it was Padington Bear! Duh...

Wed, Sep 5th, 07

his month Lena started school at Kenwood Elementary. She is timid about riding the bus, so for now, I'm driving her. I have been helping out on PTO and I will start volunteering in her classroom in September. We have prayed all summer long that she would get a good teacher and we were blessed! Her teacher is Mrs. McDonough and she is so very kind to the kids and a great teacher. Lena loves her already. The classroom is the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and she is striving to be the star student, so she can take home the Mickey Mouse doll over the weekend! Remember when Blaine brought home Teddy Rumpskin doll from Crosier's class?

Joshua is starting to do much better in Nursery and is not crying half as much anymore! He loves the songs, and I find him humming and singing tunes all day long, it's so cute. His favorites are dad's drum beats that he imitates, he also likes Twinkle Little Star and Happy Family song.

I celebrated my 33 birthday this year! I had to trick Gina and tell her that all I got was dinner and a new potted plant from Corey! But really my present is that I get to go to NY with everyone, it's also my Christmas, New Year's, Valentine's, and mother's day present!!! Hee hee, well worth it, I'm so excited.

Thu, Aug 2nd, 07

uly is always a fun month to celebrate Independence Day and swim, and go to the beach.

We had a fun Fourth of the July party with friends from church. The kids warmed up to the fireworks, even Lena held a sparkler, a first for her!

Lena has been having fun in her Pee Wee Cheer class. She is learning a cheer to the Itsy Bitsy Spider!

Joshua is warming up the nursery, this last time he didn't cry at all, hopefully it'll be like that for now on!

I'm getting used to Primary, I just finished a whole month of sharing times, it was fun. Now we are focusing on the program!

Corey is at his new job now and enjoying it. Not half as much work, way better hours and less stress.

Now we are just getting the last minute things done for school to start: Doctor check-ups, school shopping, etc. Lena is really getting prepared - she gets on the computer every day to learn how to read and play games, she is doing really great.

Sun, Jul 1st, 07

on't you hate it when you type out a huge long blog on here and then you try to edit it and it disappears? It's the best!

So, I will see if I can remember everything that I wrote...

Corey is still doing his exec job, which he was supposed to be done with this month. The good news is that he has finally got a replacement. The bad news is, that doesn't happen for 2 more weeks. But we are on schedule to having him home earlier, so I'm pleased about that.

At the beginning of the month we went to the beach and I got a wicked sunburn. So we haven't been back for the rest of the month! I am better now, so hopefully July will have more beach pictures, with lots of sunblock!

Lena took swimming lessons at Hurlburt Field AFB. She did very good and passed. At first she did not like putting her head under the water, but by the end, she was doing "deep bobs" and very proud of herself. I said, okay, level one swim is over and you did real good, do you want to do level two next week? And she was quick to say, "NO!" So we are done with swim lessons for this year.

Lena also started Pee-Wee Cheer. She is enjoying it, but I am not. The area for the parents to sit, is not great for Joshua and he is hard to handle, plus they have so many kids in the class that there is no room for all the parents. When Corey starts getting home earlier, he can keep Joshua at home with him!

Joshua has learned how to shake his head, "no" to us. We say, "Joshua, we don't hit, do you want a time out?" And he shakes his head no. It's so cute, I have to compose myself every time so I don't laugh. The first time he did that, we all laughed so much that I think he keeps looking for us to laugh at him again.

Lena lost her 5th tooth! I can't believe how fast she is growing up. Corey keeps telling her to stop growing up. Her feet are even growing, she keeps coming out of her room and saying, "now these shoes are too small, I guess we have to give them away," with a very sad face on.

There is nothing going on with me this month, except I'm trying to get used to Primary. It's so different from RS, but I do love it. I get to teach kids again and I really enjoy that.

Wed, Jun 6th, 07

uring May, Lena had her end of the school year programs. We had a Mother's Day Tea party, where I got a very special gift from Lena. Lena also graduated from Pre-K, they had a few songs to sing to us and graduation ceremony and slideshow from all the fun stuff they did at school.

Joshua had his 18 month check-up. He is doing great the doctor said. I was a little concerned cause he's not talking yet, but she said as long as he has his own words and uses them each time for the same thing, then he does talk and not to be concerned!

We went to Orlando for a Ward Temple Trip and also went to Busch Gardens. While we were there, Joshua got to see Elmo, it was the highlight of the whole trip for him, he was so excited!

Lena had her dance recital, she got to be in a tap dance to "I enjoy being a girl" and a ballet dance to "This is the way we learn ballet". Also she was in the final number, "God Bless the Little Children".

I got a new calling, I'm now in the Primary Presidency, it'll be nice to see what Lena is learning and be in there with her. I have a feeling though that it's just as much work as being in Relief Society was! I was hoping for a break!

Corey is hoping to get his new job soon, we are praying very hard that his boss will find a replacement, since he's already over the year mark now!

Wed, May 2nd, 07

his month was a long and busy one. We had a very fun Easter, Lena loved coloring eggs and finding all the treats that the Easter Bunny left. We invited our friends over for Easter dinner, so we weren't all alone!

Lena got her dance costumes for her recital next month. She is very excited, they are doing a ballet dance and a tap dance. Lena also lost her third tooth this month. I had a teacher evaluation for Lena at her school. Mrs. Coker said that she is very smart, but because she is so shy, it seems like she doesn't know the answers and she's worried that her Kindergarten teacher will place her in low groups because of it, so we need to work on that this summer.

Joshua entered Nursery this month, he is doing okay. He still doesn't say any words, so he hits the other kids when he wants a toy, or they are too close to him. I wish that I could stay in Nursery with him and be his teacher. We will be working with him on saying prayers and drinking from a cup.

Corey participated in the Relay For Life Cancer walk. We went down to watch him start, and the kids thought it was very exciting! Corey managed to get through the cutbacks in the Air Force, so we will stay here for another year. He is excited for a new job in a few months, when the Exec. position that he's been currently in is over.

I got to go to a "To Kill a Mockingbird" play in Monroeville, Alabama. This is the town where the author, Harper Lee is from and where the courthouse and everything from the book occured. As soon as I get the pictures from the trip, I will put them up. But it was such a fun little trip, I went with 7 other sisters from church and we had dinner in the Courthouse Cafe and watched the play, that actually is put on at the courthouse, it was very exciting.

Tue, Mar 20th, 07

arch has been so busy! At the end of February Joshua managed to brake his arm. I think that we have figured out that it was in the Glider Rocker foot stool. He broke it in two spots, called a buckle fracture. We have had tons of appointments because of it. He got it wet about two weeks into, so he had to get another on, that was terribly tragic. Now it has been a month and he has an appointment to get it off on Friday, hurray!

Besides all of that, Lena had her Circus at school, where she got to ride a stick pony that she made and she did a dance to the ball and jack song. I also got to see her in ballet again this month, she is doing very well.

I also had a Relief Society Birthday Enrichment to plan and put on, which took a TON of time! Then we are also helping out a little family with watching their new baby, Brooke. She is almost 2 months old and she's a very good baby, just so sweet. Joshua gets a little jealous of her when I am feeding her, and he has decided that he wants her baba's instead of his sippy's! But that's not going to happen! He likes to peek in on her while she is in the pack and play and if she starts to fuss, he'll take random things and throw in the pack and play! I keep her head at the far end, so that the things he puts in don't go anywhere near her!

Thank you to those of you who prayed for us and Joshua's arm, we really appreciate it and everything has turned out just fine.

Wed, Feb 14th, 07

ena has had a fun February. Her and dad went on a date to the daddy/daughter dance at church. I made them corsage's and everything, they looked so cute. Lena has been dying to wear her pink wedding dress for quite awhile now and I keep telling her that it's to short and small for her now. But for the dance I let her wear it as a last time sort of thing! She sucked in her stomach to get that thing zipped up and it's pretty short, but she was very happy to wear it!

Lena had a valentine party today at school and got lots of fun valentine's. They made mailbox's and played post office and she loved it!

This weekend we are taking a family trip to the Temple in Burmingham. I am excited, cause it feels like a long time since I've been to the Temple. Corey is excited cause we are eating at Cheesecake Factory. And Lena is excited cause there will be a pool at the hotel! Good times :)

Happy Valentine's day to everyone!

Sat, Jan 20th, 07

anuary has been real busy so far and isn't looking like it'll slow down. We took a fun week long trip to Orlando with Kami, Jared, and Ian. We spent our days at the Disney parks, trying to squeeze every last use out of our passes before they expired. Then the kids caught the flu and we were cooped up in the room for a few days. They are still recovering.

We have dentist appointments, immunizations, and possible doctor visits from these colds. Lena has school and ballet and I have lots to do for Enrichment. Corey, of course, is gone from 6:30 to 6:30 (sometimes later) every day. And I thought in the New Year things would slow down!!!

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