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4th of July
Tue, Jul 7th, 09

his year we skipped the parade and the traffic. I felt a little guilty in the morning for skipping the parade but no one wanted to wake up. Patrick and I have been looking at houses recently and found two that we just loved. As we were driving around today though, we decided and put in an offer on a dream home, and it was accepted Yay! We came home and played outside at the park and then in the backyard in the kiddie pool. It ended up being a very nice, exciting but relaxing day. That evening we went outside and lit our own fireworks (and again skipped the festivities). I have to say though, I really enjoyed doing our own fireworks. The kids got so excited, they smiled and clapped way more then they did last year at Thanksgiving Point. Our cute neighbors came out and we lit a few more fireworks and sparklers. It was good times. We may have started a new tradition.

Busy Year
Mon, Jun 15th, 09

haven't written anything in some time. Joey finished first grade. Angel turned five. Mommy has been in Boston, Wasington DC and Alpena, Michigan in the last two months. The summer is filled with summer school, college and fun times to come. Angel has grown a few inches just in the last two months. Patrick came back from almost a year of training with the military. Clint and Shanda moved. Stryder is visiting his grandmother for the summer. Upcoming: Decker family vacation followed immediately by Sherry family vacation... then it will be back to school. Good times!

Sun, Nov 30th, 08

hanksgiving in Monterey Bay

Patrick flew me to California for Thanksgiving. His parents were there too. He is living in Monterey, which is a nice little coastal town with an amazing sea life population. We stayed at a gorgeous hotel on the shore. The ocean waves lulled us to sleep at night. We woke up to the sound of seals and sea lions barking.
On Thanksgiving day we took a beautiful drive down the California coast. We started in Pacific Grove at Blubber Beach to see the seals. Next we climbed around on some rocks by the shore. Then we ended up around Big Sur and got to see some of the smaller (but still enormous) Redwood trees. We ended the night with a lovely dinner in Carmel and some Yahtzee.

Friday was our whale watching tour. We knew it would be hit or miss because it wasn't a major migration period for the whales, at least not in Monterey Bay. After about an hours ride we stopped and bobbed around like a cork but got to see a pod of Orca's, commonly known as "Killer Whales". At this point the rocking of the boat was making me feel a little green. After about 20 minutes the driver heard a report of Humpback Whales in another area of the bay so off we went. At this point I was getting a little sea-sick. This was quickly forgotten as we came upon a ship that was being bopped around by some curious Humpback Whales. They were really being rocked. The whales at one point turned toward another boat that was much smaller but thankfully didn't use it as a toy. I was amazed to witness such an amazing moment. After what seemed to be a half hour the whales started to move away and we headed back. Suddenly that green feeling came back and it was almost overwhelming. We had an hour ride back! Lucky there were some fun distractions on the way bay starting with a feeding frenzie; where close to 1000 Sea Lions had surrounded a school of sardines and were in full hunting mode.

Barack Obama
Tue, Nov 4th, 08

have never been so proud to be an American. As Barack Obama's numbers climbed it was clear that he had become the next President of the United States of America! So many dreams have been realized on this historic day. Today American has shown that they truly can judge by the "content of...character". -MLK Jr
Today our children learn that no matter what your skin color, economic/social class; America is the place where there are no bounds to what one can achieve.
I will forever be proud to be a part of this moment in history.

Scarecrow Festival
Sun, Oct 19th, 08

oey asked me "Are we going to the festival with the Rhotons and the Zach family?" The answer was "Yes, we are going with the Rhotons and the Arnolds"

The Scarecrow Festival at Thanksgiving Point was a blast. I played almost as much as the kids did. In fact, my body is a little sore today. I am thus considering the purchase of a giant blow up slide for exercise purposes, jk.

We started with the jumping, sliding and bouncing. Then we downed an insane amount of popcorn, took photos and played around in some other areas while Joey and Bristol waited for TWO AND A HALF HOURS for the bungee jumping. It was worth the wait for Joey! He was squealing with joy as he was launched up into the sky.

It was one of our most enjoyable family days and we are very thankful to have friends like the Arnolds and Rhotons to share good times with.

Joey's Birthday
Sun, Sep 14th, 08

e celebrated Joey's birthday this year at Gramma and Grandpa Decker's house. It was so much fun. Our friends the Rhotons and the Arnolds joined us along with the Packs and of course Aunt Jenisse! The kids had a blast jumping on the tramp, eating on the grass, throwing water balloons (thank you Jenisse)and making fudge, or attempting to :-). It was fun to have a party where the kids had lots to do without having to plan party games. Joey said it was his best birthday ever so Thank You Gramma!

On a side note, we really enjoyed opening presents... Angel was excited to give Joey her present, a Spiderwick DS game! She kept exclaiming Joey you are going to love my present, I hope you like me when you open your present, you are going to like me!!! She was about to burst with excitement! It was really cute.

The Arnold's won the coolest present award...lightsabers! Joey is very passionate about Star Wars. Mom is finally learning to let Joey be a boy and practice is his battle skills.

Sundance Children's Festival
Tue, Jun 17th, 08

aturday the kids went with Patrick and me to the Sundance Children's Festival. It was a gorgeous day. They had a petting zoo, some live entertainment, a clown, horseback rides, rock climbing, cookie decorating, the ski lift, and some really great booths. The kids had a fantastic time playing, eating and exploring. It was lovely to spend the day surrounded by beautiful views and happy children.

Pismo and Carpenteria
Tue, Jun 10th, 08

chool ended and we took off to California that very same day. Stopping in Primm for the night and then on to Pismo Beach in the morning. On the way we stopped at a cute little famer's market where the kids made some good friends with the goats and chickens at the petting zoo. These friends were brought up continuously throughout the trip.

We explored the coast a little before my friend Rob's wedding and then went to his beautiful ceremony in Pismo Beach on the cliffs overlooking the ocean. Before the wedding Joey was most upset about having his beach time spoiled by the wedding but as soon as the reception started he was singing a different tune. Joey made friends with a boy named Conner; Patrick spent the evening chasing them around. Angel met Miss Haley. I danced with five little toddler girls most of the night. Angel has been talking about her "sister Haley" ever since. Since dancing with Haley she has been singing "We are family, I got all my sisters and me" repeatedly.

The next morning we started our short drive to Carpenteria Beach. When we got there the sun was shining but it was only about sixty five degrees. The kids didn't care. Angel found her place rolling in the sand while Joey explored the waves. Brrrr! We did see dolphins that evening and had our first campfire and grilling experience.

The next two days were filled with beach and camping fun. Then we drove Patrick to the airport and stayed the last two nights alone, just the kids and I.
I have to admit, I was nervous the first night... sadly, my anxiety did not come from fear of animals or nature but from humans. We made it uneventfully through the first night and decided to stay another. Finally on the beach that day I really relaxed and enjoyed myself while watching the kids interact. It was hard to deviate from having a busy schedule but once I realized that I had all the time in the world, the vacation really began. Joey and Angel were very occupied making castles and sand creatures. Then the sand restaurant opened which facilitated hours of enjoyment. They both made themselves sand birthday cakes and we sang happy birthday to Joey who turned 11 and Angel who turned 100...they used sticks for candles and yes Angel had 100!
Then a guy with a shovel helped us get sand crabs, one was HUGE, probably 4 inches long! It was a lot of fun to catch the little ones with a sand sifter. By the second day at the beach Joey was the sand baby and Angel was constantly dragging us to the water.

Joey also learned to fly a kite; really well, I might add. It was fun watching him run up and down the beach flying his kite with a smile of pure satisfaction on his face.

At the campsite I almost forgot to mention, both Angel and Joey were avid tree-climbers.

That night, the final night, a loud and somewhat obnoxious group arrived. They kept me awake until after midnight with their foul language and drunken stupor, but no matter, as I was entralled in book two of FableHaven (Thank you Charisse). The next day on our drive home we only made it back to Primm, exhaustion overtook us.

Finally, Saturday night we arrived back in Eagle Mountain after a wonderful vacation. Sorry there are not many pictures, I was too busy playing this time to snap them.

Wed, Apr 2nd, 08

0:30 at night, I was driving home from a Jazz game with Joey and Angel. Jack was playing, Joey was knocked out and Angel had been so quiet that when she piped up I was surprised she was even awake. Out of nowhere she says: "Mom, I'm not human yet."
I said: "What?"
Angel repeated, "I'm not human yet, I am only a kid."
I reassured her that she was indeed human, but not an adult. She quietly pondered that the rest of the way home, lol.

Mommy's Birthday
Sat, Mar 29th, 08

e had a really nice day! The kids fell asleep with me last night in my bed... At around 6am Patrick came up and got Angel and Joey and brought them downstairs. They came back up with breakfast (Soyrizo, Eggs, Peppers, toast with avocado, and grapefruit juice) flowers, a princess and happy face balloon and a cute Mickey card. After a while we all went downstairs and there on the table was another beautiful boquet of flowers... tulips and lilies. As I went to get ready in my closet where I had a makeshift vanity I found a new vanity and chair! If you saw how I was getting ready before you would know this is a BIG IMPROVEMENT! We then went to our school's performance of the musical "Once on this Island". The kids loved it! I loved it! The talent the kids had and the performance was just as good if not better then any high-school performance I have seen! It was a lot of fun. After the musical we drove to Salt Lake City and had dinner at my favorite vegetarian restaurant "Sage's Cafe". It is so nice to be able to choose anything off the menu! It is so delicious as well, even my carnivorous family and friends who have went with me there agree. We finished with yummy dessert and headed home. We watched Cinderella but the DVD player malfunctioned toward the end and I ended up reading the subtitles to fill in the dialogue. I did okay though, Angel laughed quite a bit. Then we fell asleep to Star Wars, Joey's new favorite movie series! It was a wonderful birthday, and thanks to everyone who tried to call and didn't get through... I accidentally didn't bring my phone with me anywhere, so I was "cut off".

Basketball Fundamentals
Thu, Mar 27th, 08

s if the field trip didn't make this day busy enough, Joey had his first class at Open Court in Lehi... he is taking a basketball fundamentals class for K-2. We arrived very early so Angel and I snuck in and watched a dance class for 3 to 4 year olds. The teacher was adorable and so sweet to the girls. Angel loved it and will be starting next Thursday! Life is starting to get very busy but enjoyable as well. It was fun to watch Joey try to dribble up and down the court. He has a way to go with his coordination but I love that he is so brave and willing to try new things. He fell a few times, scraped his knee a little but never cried, just stood up and tried again!

Joey's Field Trip
Thu, Mar 27th, 08

played hookie as a teacher and spend the day as a mom today. Joey's kindergarten class went to the Discovery Gateway Museum for their field trip. Though Joey has been there before, this month in fact, I think this was a unique experience for him. It was fun for me to see how Joey interacts with his classmates. I wasn't sure if he would really like me being there but amazingly enough in kindergarten it is still cool to have mom around.

Feces and Fire
Wed, Mar 26th, 08

e have two beautiful cats with very even temperments. They spend most of their days laying around with the occasional wrestling match or cry for attention. Yesterday my feelings for Cali and Ella were not so positive.... My couch smelled of the most putrid urine and my nose kept telling me that I was missing something. My little Angel went into the bathroom to tinkle and there it was, a load of runny "ish" on the carpet and the tile. I was upset, to put it mildly. I am already a germ-a-phob and there was my baby girl only inches from squishing her bare little foot in the foul wastes of a cat. I got her out of there and immediately picked up both cats to put them in the laundry room, where their litter boxes reside. As I walked down the stairs my anger diminished nearly as quickly as it had sparked.... there was a closed laundry door. As you can imagine, checking that the kitty bathroom is available is now at the top the morning checklist, right next to making sure the coffee pot is off. Feces and Fire are important things to avoid.

Sun, Mar 23rd, 08

he Easter Bunny was generous this year. Easter started Saturday for us with the Eagle Mountain Annual Easter Egg Hunt (though it is more of a scramble testing the selfish agility that children have when trying to greedily gather as many eggs as they can). Daddy, Shanda and Stryder joined Patrick,Joey, Angel and myself to attend this joyous event, lol. Angel, being in a category with 1 and 2 year olds managed to fill her basket until it was overflowing with eggs. Joey and Stryder were stressed as their fortune was far more bleek... gathering only 1 egg between the two of them. Angel put aside her greed and shared a few eggs with them to ease their pain. We then went home and colored eggs which were eaten almost immediately after being colored. After Daddy left the kids and I got Jazzed up for the game. We got to watch the Jazz kick some Seattle Booty and we all got a free full size basketball, I know we are spoiled!
The next day we woke to find the Easter Bunny had left the kids some fun Jazz Jerseys, clappers, princesses, notebooks and pens. He also hid some eggs around the house! After enjoying a relaxing morning we joined the Newmans, Deckers, Packs, Nivens, Bermans and Jorgs for the family egg hunt. I can't describe how much Joey and Angel, especially Joey, LOVE to see their cousins. They had so much fun and the kids now surely have enough candy to last well into the summer. Grandma Charisse and Grandpa Bruce gave the kids some really fun Easter presents including their new favorite shirts! (Buzz Lightyear and Giselle, if you don't know you Giselle is you need to get with the times!)
All and all it was a wonderful weekend! Of course we called and wished Gramma in New York a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We all wish we lived closer.

Get Up, Get Up, Get Up and out of Bed!
Tue, Mar 18th, 08

his has been a real struggle for the kids and I lately. We have been so busy! Sunday we went to Disney on Ice, Princess Adventures and had a wonderful time. After lunch the kid went with their Dad to their Great Gramma's 80th Birthday Party and got home late. Angel just counldn't get up yesterday morning. Then of course there is no rest for us... Jazz game last night after St. Patrick's Day festivities but that was not until after Joey's first piano lesson!

He is really excited to be learning Piano. We picked up a really nice keyboard that I was expecting to pay 100 for for 15 bucks! It is now 7:00 in the morning and again the kids won't wake up. Is the problem "Sprining Ahead" or just late nights...

Horton Hears a What??
Sat, Mar 15th, 08

e went with Gavin, Bailey and Tara to see Horton Hears a Who today. Before the movie we had lunch at the pizza place and Angel started bouncing into me, over and over. I didn't realize what she was saying but Bailey did.... She asked if Angel was trying to do the Bee Movie; sure enough she was. She was running into me like I was a window saying "This time, this time, this time" like Barry does when he gets stuck in the lady's apartment. We had a fun time. Joey was so glad to see Gavin, he talks about him a lot.

Gramma's surprise party
Mon, Mar 3rd, 08

ramma was downstairs so the kids and I quickly set up our surprise birthday party for her...only 21 days early! We tried to light all the candles but we kept burning ourselves so she only got about half lit. Then I nagged her to find her camera so she would come upstairs and SURPRISE! The kids gave her presents, I think to keep her occupied while they devoured the icing off her cake. You may ask yourself what her favorite gift was... it was the fuzzy-head chicks that Joey gave her, for sure!

Gramma's in town
Fri, Feb 29th, 08

y mom is out to visit for a week and we are being spoiled! We went to the Discovery Gateway Childrens Museum on Wednesday! We saw the traveling Sesame Street "Your Body" display. The kids played hard the whole day. It was a lot of fun. There was an entire room of various building materials... blocks, magnets, pipes, clear legos on lights, giant legos and a earthquake maker to knock down your towers. There is an area that shoots, spins and blows balls all over the place. They have a farm area, rock climbing, a store, a house, a construction site, a helicopter, cars to drive and a water table area. No boring moments here. We almost went to the Jazz game where they beat Detroit, but it wasn't until we left the house that I realized that I had donated the tickets to my school. But by the time we got done with the museum and eating we would have slept through the game because we were all exhausted!

Mulan's Princess Ball
Mon, Feb 11th, 08

here was singing, a parade, mask-making, fan making, paper crickets, chop-stick games, stick fighting and martial arts demonstrations at the Mulan Princess Ball! The kids and I rushed home from school and started getting ready. The library does this every year with a new theme.... it was really fun. After, we ran to Walmart and bumped into Aunt Jenisse. Angel wanted to go with her. Finally we got home at 10:00 and Joey biffed it on the sidewalk. After the extensive crying and comforting he declared that he hated his fancy shoes and never wanted to wear them again. The night ended with books and bed. Joey told me he promised his teacher that since she gave him an ice cream eraser today that he would read a lot tonight (too bad he didn't promise adequate sleep instead, lol).

Joey and Angel Update
Tue, Jan 22nd, 08

t's been a while since I have written anything. January has been busy. Christmas was fun. The kids got spoiled of course! They loved seeing their cousins! Wish we could see you all more.

Joey has been working hard on reading. He really likes school. At Debi's the kids have been making a lot of fun projects. A lady named Camille comes over and the kids do some amazing things. They came home with full size paper dolls of themselves the other day.

At home we have been making cookies and icing them... someday I will upload the pictures. We played in the new snow yesterday. We tried to make a fort but without a shovel it is like throwing powder. Joey, Angel and I started throwing snow at each other, then we started kicking... the snow comes off your foot sometimes quicker and higher then you want...Angel was quite upset when I kicked it in her face on accident. It ended with hot chocolate and snow slushies (snow with juice on it). Good times.

Angel started preschool. We were very lucky because a good friend of mine is able to drive her and pick her up otherwise she couldn't go. She got to be the special helper the other day and has been learning some really fun songs. Angel loves it so much. I feel guilty that Joey never got the chance. She gets really excited to go. Last night she picked a special toy to show-and-tell and was so excited about school. Later in the night I got the call that my friend couldn't take her because she had a sick child. Angel was so sad. I couldn't find anyone to take her, and I felt really bad. I was even trying to work it out with my boss to have someone watch my class. I hate seeing my babies disappointed... Patrick who worked all night (he works from 10 to 10) sacrificed his sleep today and took her and picked her up (which is a big deal because he has a lot going on over the next couple of days). He said he thought she deserved to go. I was really touched by his kindness. It sure made Angel's day!

Everyone is healthy finally and happy. Baseball registration is in a few weeks and Angel gets to play this year too! She told me baseball is her favorite sport, but I am not sure if she knows really what it is. We are all going to a Princess Ball in February. Joey is really excited to wear fancy clothes. Joey and Angel are becoming real screamers at the Jazz games and the Jazz Reading contest is about to begin at school. Parent-teacher conferences are coming up soon and Joey will have his first conference with his teacher and parents. Big Day!

Hope you are all having a wonderful new year! More to come.

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