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New place
Sat, Nov 22nd, 08

t's been about a month now that we have lived in Camarillo and we are really enjoying it. The weather seems to always be perfect, except for the occasional windy day, (which coincedentally seems to fall on Bryan's day off)! It's very quiet where we are and we are less than 15 minutes from the beach and from Bryan's parents. I love driving down Potrero road from Bryan's parent's house just when the sun is setting and seeing The Channel Islands, it's gorgeous!

New York City!
Tue, Dec 11th, 07

t's been a while since I've added anything to this blog! Bryan and I were able to take a trip to New York City. It was cold, but nice to be able to go in December and see all of the Christmas decorations. Check out our pictures of our trip in the December folder!

He's here!
Mon, May 14th, 07

ustin Jeffrey Niven is finally here! It seems like he should have been here long ago, 5 weeks ago, when I went into early labor, but thankfully they were able to stop my labor at the hospital. I did have to stay in the hospital for three weeks and then got to go home and went another two weeks at home before I went into labor. Austin was born on May 14th and weighed 7 lbs. 3 oz and was 19 1/2 inches long. So far he seems like an angel child and doesn't fuss much at all. In fact, I think Ethan is doing enough fussing for the two of them, but that is to be expected when you go from being an only child with all the attention, to having a new brother who gets most the attention. Other than a little jaundice, he is healthy and happy.

More funny remarks
Sat, Mar 24th, 07

than and I were putting together puzzles and when he figured out where a piece would go I would say "You are so smart Ethan!" So then on the trickier puzzles he would ask me "Where does this go Mommy?" When I pointed to where it went he said "oh yea, that's smart Mommy!"

Funny remarks
Thu, Mar 15th, 07

ately I've been practicing colors with Ethan. Today we were naming the different colored stars on his music toy, and I guess he has really been listening to his Mommy because he asked ME what color one of the stars was, so I said "blue." Then in a very grown-up voice, with lots of praise and encouragement he replied, "That's right, Mommy." The best was the way he said it, I guess you had to be there. :)

Mon, Dec 25th, 06

e had a very fun Christmas. This year we spent it in California with Bryan's family. Christmas day was especially nice, I think it got up to maybe 80 degrees! Ethan is now starting to understand what Christmas is so this year was extra fun seeing his excitement. We had a great time.

Happy Halloween!
Tue, Oct 31st, 06

than had a fun Halloween. It's the first one he's been able to enjoy. He followed Bailey and Gavin around the neighborhood and learned to say "trick-or-treat" and "thank you" at each home. We didn't last long, though, because it was soooo cold!!

Alpine Days Parade
Sat, Aug 12th, 06

e can't believe how fast this summer is going! This past weekend was Alpine Days. Earlier in the week, Bailey and Gavin got to stay at our house for four days while her Mommy was in Washington. Ethan had so much fun having them here in the morning, day, and night! We didn't really get any pictures while they were here, though, because Mommy was too busy with three kids. Right before Alpine Days, Daddy shaved Gavin and my hair off for a photo shoot to do a picture for the American Cancer Society. If you want to see the picture go to www.bryanniven.com The parade was fun, but seemed extra long. We then went to the park where they had boothes set up with different games, crafts, etc. My favorite part was watching Bailey ride a pony. I wouldn't do it myself, but I couldn't stop talking about it all that day. ("Bee ride horsie!")

Fourth of July
Tue, Jul 4th, 06

e spent our Fourth of July down in California with Bryan's family. We went to Pismo, Santa Barbara Zoo, the beach, and saw fireworks at the Oaks Mall. It was a lot of fun and surprisingly Ethan did quite well on the drive. (Maybe because we arrived at 2:30 in the morning at Bryan's parents and it was his bed time, so he slept most of the trip!) :) We also got to stop in Las Vegas and see Brent, Jill, Kate, and their new babies Amanda and Maggie. They came very eary and weighed under 2 pounds. Now they have made it up to 3 pounds and seem to be doing very well, but will still be there for awhile.

Easter 2006!
Sun, Apr 16th, 06

than had a fun Easter. He enjoyed his candy and enjoyed looking for Easter eggs over at Great Grandpa and Grandma Newman's house, except he kind of just stood there watching all the other kids collect eggs. Bryan had to point them out to him, but even then he was so intrigued watching the other kids run around, that Bryan had to pick them up and put them in his basket! Maybe next year he will get more into the easter hunt.

Ethan's stay at Primary Children's Hospital
Tue, Apr 11th, 06

than had to have a blood transfusion overnight at the Primary Children's Hospital because of an enormously low red blood cell level. They think it was just a one time thing, but will watch and make sure it doesn't happen again. He was so brave getting an IV and having his blood taken so much for tests. He is glad to be home now and doing great so far!

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