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Blessing Day
Sun, Jun 24th, 07

e blessed Grayson today. It ended up being sort of a crazy day. Bennett ended up getting sick on Friday, so he was sick and didn't want to do anything. We were having some friends and family over after church for lunch, so it was hard to get everything done with Bennett wanting me to hold him all weekend. The blessing was nice, Grayson was so good and cute. We only got a few pictures of the day, but it was a good day!

Sea World
Tue, May 15th, 07

wouldn't stop bugging my mommy and daddy to take me to Sea World, but my mommy was pregnant and uncomfortable, so they promised me that they would take me once my brother Grayson was born. So on the day that my brother was born and i went to the hospital to meet my brother for the first time i walked into the hospital room and the first thing i said was..."Are we going to Sea World now?" So, after asking 100 times a day, they finally took me! What a fun day, perfect weather, and Grayson was great.

Grayson Wade Decker
Wed, Apr 18th, 07

rayson Wade Decker was born on April 16, 2007 at 5:24 pm, 8 lbs 8 oz, 21 inches long. We are so happy that he is finally here. Coming at 41 weeks we could not wait any longer for his arrival. We are now all home and healthy. Bennett is not sure he likes the new arrival, it will take some getting used to for all of us. It just took us longer to calm Bennett down after changing Grayson's diaper because Grayson was crying and Bennett thought he was hurt, so Bennett cried the entire time and wanted us to help him...not Grayson. This should be fun! Still, we are excited to have Grayson, Sara is starting to feel out numbered!

Easter Sunday
Sun, Apr 8th, 07

e had a fun Easter weekend. Although I expected to be in the hospital having this baby we kept busy. On Saturday we colored easter eggs and had a bbq at our house. We woke up Sunday morning after the Easter bunny had left a basket and went to church. Then we headed over to the Dunhams (bennett's cousins) to have dinner and an Easter egg hunt. It was a fun weekend to keep our minds off of the baby not being here yet. Now this baby can come any time........

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