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New Bog
Wed, Aug 27th, 08

ust so everyone knows I have started a new blog. www.kamiandjared.blogspot.com
I will still put all the pictures on this site but that blog will have my blogs and a few pics.

Park City
Sat, Jul 5th, 08

ared and I took his sister Katelyn to Park City for a fun-filled day. We walked around main street and saw a bunch of cute little shops. Then we had just enough time to ride the Alpine Slides. I waited with Quintin while Jared, Ian, and Katelyn rode down. Ian had so much fun he wanted to go again!!! Maybe we will go back next year.

Forth of July
Fri, Jul 4th, 08

ur holiday was spend at Grandma and Grandpa Robinson's house. We had a yummy BBQ and had fun playing on the new play-set. Overall, we had a very fun Forth but we did not get to see any fireworks, but we sure heard them. We live in pyro capital, USA. We heard fireworks all night long!!!

Typical Sunday
Sun, Jun 29th, 08

undays are sometime hard for Ian because he wants to go straight to nursery and not wait until after sacrament meeting. Today he was being pretty good. He got away only once, sneaking underneath the pews and made it almost up the stairs to the stand before ewe realized he was gone. Then, when the closing song started, he started cleaning up the toys and snacks and put them away in the diaper bag! I normally do that and he has to wait for me to finish to go to nursery. Some one was in a hurry.

Wed, Jun 25th, 08

e tried to take the boys to get pictures today. Notice I said tried. Once we got to the studio Ian started flipping out for no apparent reason other than he did not want to take pictures. We started with Quintin first and he was just fine, as normal. Then it came time for Ian...there was just no consoling him. The photographer suggested that we maybe take a family picture so we could hold him and show him it wasn't scary. Jared and I were not planning at all to be in pictures but they turned out okay. Good thing we wore the perfect outfits! In the family picture Ian was almost smiling. If he would have taken another one I am sure it would have turned out better. Then we gave Ian a candy to take more pictures and it worked!! That is why you see him clenching he fist around some unseen object. We cropped these pictures and have some cute photos now. In the june folder I put the original so you can see. What a day and we have to do it again in 6 months!

Ian's 2nd Birthday
Sun, Jun 8th, 08

ell, Ian's birthday went off with a bang. Unfortunately all of us were so sick we didn't even go to church that day. Grandma and Grandpa Robinson came with dinner and presents!! The cake we were going to make for him didn't turn out because it wouldn't come out of the form!! We tried twice and then gave up. Oh well. Hopefully he won't remember.

Trip to California, again
Mon, Jun 2nd, 08

e just got back from a fun-filled weekend in CA. We went down to surprise Jared's brother and his wife for their second daughters baby blessing. We drove all night long friday night and got to california at about 5 in the morning. Both of the kids did better than expected, but Ian got sick and was grouchy the whole weekend. We got to see almost everyone that weekend. On the way back we stopped off to see Jared's other brother Justin and his wife Elizabeth and their 3 kids. We only meant to stay a little while but they are so fun to hang out with we ended up staying longer than planned. Needless to say we got back to Orem at about 11:30pm and Jared had to be at work the next day. Oh, well. It was a worthwhile trip and we can't wait to go back soon!!

Aquarium, kind of
Wed, May 28th, 08

oday we decided to take Ian and Quintin to the aquarium. We had no idea that it was a "preview" aquarium until we got there. Basically, the building was a old supermarket like an Albertsons and was gutted and made into a fish showing. It was cool to see some of the things that were there but it only to about 45 minutes to walk through the whole thing. Oh well. The day wasn't a whole waist because we went to Ikea afterward!!

Family Pictures
Wed, Apr 16th, 08

e attempted to take family pictures today with Jenisse as our photographer. It was freezing cold and Ian would no cooperate but we got a few cute pics.

Sun, Mar 23rd, 08

his year Ian had his first Easter egg hunt and caught on quickly. Unfortunately we hid too many eggs for his little basket to handle and he did not want to have a new empty basket to house the rest of the eggs. Oh well. We were also able to have my best friend Anna and her family join us for the festivities!!

Sat, Jan 26th, 08

here do I start!! On the way to California our plane was delayed 1 hour so we had to wait around in the airport until the plane actually got there!! When we landed we picked up our fabulous rental car( a Ford Taurus X- it is like a mix between an Edge and a Freestyle) and headed off to visit Jared's Aunt Rochelle. After a long day of traveling we were excited to get to our hotel. On monday we visited with friends in the morning until it was time to drive down to Anaheim to meet Jared's family. The rest of the week was spent going to Disneyland everyday!! We only got rained out once!! Coming home was a huge mess. We wee running a little late a barely made it to the airport on time. 15 minutes before our plane was supposed to take off we were told that our flight would be delayed 30 minutes. Then we were told that there were mechanical difficulties and they didn't know when we would take off. Luckily we were still in the airport and not on the plane. They ordered pizza for us to eat while we waited. Next we were informed that the maintenance crew in Burbank didn't know what was wrong to we had to wait for a crew to come up from Long Beach. After the crew from Long Beach came up they had do do a series of diagnostic tests to see what was wrong. When they figured out the problem they didn't have the parts to fix it. After all that we were bussed down to Long Beach to catch the 8:10 p.m. flight. They had to wait for us so the flight didn't really leave until almost 9!! It was so late when we finally got home but another surprise was waiting for us. Our thermostat had broken sometime during the week and our house was 44 F when we got there. My parents ran to Wal-Mart at 1 in the morning to pick up a new thermostat to get by with. I think we are going to think twice before going on vacation again!!

It's another boy!!
Tue, Nov 27th, 07

oday we welcomed Quintin James Pollock to our family. He was born at 3:30 p.m. MST and weighed in at 7 lbs. 11 oz. We are so excited for this new challenge. Ian is doing okay with this new visitor but still isn't too sure. Hopefully he'll cope.

First Day of Fall
Sat, Sep 22nd, 07

o celebrate the first day of fall we went on the Alpine Loop, a fun filled trip through a national park, to see all the trees change colors. Halfway through we stopped at a place called Cascade Springs which is a place with freshwater cool springs. It is there we saw a moose!! I barely took a picture in time but our video camera was running at the time and we got some great video. Ian was excited to be someplace new and loved getting dirty!!

Fri, Aug 31st, 07

ugust went by so fast!! And we really didn't do anything interesting. I have less than 3 months until D Day and we are frantically getting the house organized before then. We are still having a hard time picking out another boy name!!

Trip to California
Wed, Jul 4th, 07

e just got back from a fun-filled trip to California. We spent the first night at a time share in Ventura at the marina. Ian loved all the big boats. Then the next day we went to Thousand Oaks to visit with some friends. Then we had a few hours to kill so we spent the day in Hollywood. It was so much fun. Then we ended the day by having dinner with Aunt Cecilia. They rest of the trip was spend lounging by the pool at Jareds parents house and hanging out with all the family. It took us 16 hours to get home because we kept stopping to play and visit with family. we are so tired but we still have a couple of days until we go back to work.

Happy 1st Birthday Ian
Fri, Jun 8th, 07

oday was Ian's first birthday an we celebrated by taking him the the Thanksgiving Point petting zoo. His favorite animals were the goats. He mainly liked watching the other kids there. Then we took him to Cabelas for his birthday dinner. Mmmmm. When we came home he had cake, well mostly just frosting. We had so much fun!!

Wed, May 30th, 07

an is officially walking. Well, he took his first steps on April 27 but now he can push himself up from the floor and cruise. We still is getting used to his sea legs but no major accidents so far!!

What a Surprise
Thu, Apr 12th, 07

uess what? I am going to have a new brother or sister in December!! Mommy and Daddy were so surprised, but I have no idea what's going on!!

Tue, Mar 27th, 07

e celebrated our 2 year annniversary this month!! Yeah. Not much progress has been done on our house because we only have Saturday to work on it. :( Ian learned how to stand up and I am sure will be walking soon.

Wed, Feb 28th, 07

ow. February went so fast!! We are putting some finishing touches on the basement before we can carpet. My Daddy decided he wanted surround sound in the basement so we have been spending the weekends installing that!! Plus we ripped out the fireplace to re-do it better. Mommy isn't too happy but she knows the end result will be wonderful. I hope I can play in the basemant next month!

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